My Fix for Insomnia

Jun 7, 2000

Ive always had problems sleeping. My mind wont shut the fuck down at night. When I was in Hanover, Id try reading books to let my brain focus on a single thing and, it worked sometimes after an hour or 2, but not always. Sometimes I ran a few miles to exhaust myself too, but nothing worked 100% of the time.

For the past few months, it got worse. Not only could I not sleep, but Id get really bad fucking headaches, worse than anything Ive ever had, and after 3 days, Id just sort of pass out from it.

BUT NOW for the past few weeks, Ive figured it the fuck out! Not reading, but WRITING. Not no pussy ass poems and shit, like emo sluts do, but just writing out the shit going on in my life.

Once I write down whats in my head.. if its an idea, frustrations, crazy events only Im expiriencing.. it literrally leaves my brain! I almost forget about it even, it just leaves me!

So from now on, Im going to be writing for maybe 10 mintues laying down, every night.

Thanks to Karolina for giving me this idea by giving me a dream book (because I told her that when I DO sleep, its fucking crazy as hell dreams). If it werent for your concern, and your super sweet Polish ass, I would never have developed this fix!

Oh and I beat the fuck out of that fat kid who wears bras but calls my little sister stupid. His mother came out the door screaming Id be arrested and my Mom said "send the cops bitch! Ill tell them about how your gay son bullies a girl half his age!" and she slammed the door.

God damn it I hate these weird ass mother fuckers. I should write about it.

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