House Fire At Work

Dec 12, 2006

This morning at work, we're on the side of the building going up and we see smoke behind us. It's early, so no one's going to see this until it's too late unless we go down and check it out.

By this time it was clear the house was on fire. This is right after hanging up with 911.

This is right before it exploded and sent pieces flying into the street.

Later in the day I checked their website for news and got this..

"Crews Battle Gas Fed Fire at N. Bethesda Townhouse

Montgomery County Fire battled a fire Wednesday at a three story townhouse in north Bethesda.

Captain Garcia of Montgomery Fire says about 5:30 Wednesday morning residents in the destroyed townhouse emptied ashes from the fireplace onto their rear deck behind the house.

The ashes were not out and reignited. A gas grill outside came in contact with the flames. A 20-lbs propane tank exploded. The propane explosion forced the fire inside the house and spread the flames. The fire damaged two units.

There is no dollar estimate on the damages. The homes are in the Fallstone Townhome and Condominium complex. The homes are valued at $700,000 to $800,000.

Officials say no one has been injured. The townhouse is located on Morning Gate Drive in Rockville, Md.

Stay with Fox 5 News for complete details later in the day."

Pretty crazy!

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