Marriage Is Bullshit

Mar 30, 2013

Marriage: The act of seeking written permission to love another person. Man marry a car if you want to. This shit is not important. No one is stopping you from loving anyone but you and your trivial need to see it on a fucking piece of paper. You need some lame ass government stamp on some cheap pointless papers to verify your love? What the hell is going on here?! Stop running in their fucking rat mazes and free yourselves from this brainwashing bullshit!

Kristin says "I thought the same thing when I was single and by single I mean not married. I'm not defending marriage but it can be a good thing for legal reasons like kids, houses and life insurance."

I'm not single, because I'm not asking for approval from anyone to tell me I am or not. Same point I'm making for gays. I understand the benefits. I also understand the bullshit that outweighs it. Compare a couple who's been together for 10 years against a couple who's been married for 10 years. In a breakup, the outcome is worse by design for the married couple. Gays and straights should leave marriage out of the government's hands. Nothing is stopping either of them from living a life of love.

Ashley says "Gay people are only fighting for the word marriage.. they would of had every benefit and a ceremony under a domestic partnership. It would have been legal then. They are fighting only to be able to say they are "married" just as straight people do. The benefits do not mean anything to them. Everyone would have gotten what they wanted that way and there would be less government interference since now the government has to chose sides and choose for us what they believe is right and not what the people believe."

That's part of what seems so crazy to me. No one has the right to tell anyone else what something means to them. What makes me mad is people allow a government who doesn't give a shit about them in the first place, dictate the meaning of their lives. The real reason the gov has sides at all, is because the truth is, they have no business in our lives. So to keep us blind from that fact, they push debates back and forth from 1 extreme to the other. They don't want us to realize we have the power to do and believe what we want, without their consent.

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