Kill Your Own Dog

Nov 2, 2013

Don't you love it when someone who has a history of pets dying half blind, overweight, dragging their legs and sneezing blood between seizures, tells you how they feed their dogs this and that and they were "fine"?

What part of your brain tells you that it's all just a coincidence they died that way?!

Beyond their diet, the dogs are stupid as hell, with no training at all, and behavior so bad you can't wait to get away from them!

Jumping, barking, biting, tearing shit up, and then on top of it, gets treats to lay down. That's a trick for your dog?!

My dog will stand in the front yard with no fence watching squirrels and even kids calling his name go by without even lifting his ass off the grass. Just because I said so.

He's never even been so much as slapped on the ass MAYBE 3 times as a puppy. He WANTS to be a good boy. He knows if he's good he gets more freedom. Respect is universally understood through all living things.

Or so it should be.

So please, if you want to kill your pets by feeding them whatever it is they want only to forget they've had it the second it goes down their throat, go ahead. Just don't expect everyone else to share your blindingly short sighted thinking.

"My dog can drink gasoline, watch!" 5 seconds later.. "See? He's fine!" 10 minutes go by.. "Oh my god, my dog is dead! What caused it?! Must have been old age! He was 3 you know!"

Kill your own dog and stay the fuck away from mine.

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