15 Years Online!

Mar 22, 2014

Tuesday, March 25th, my website turns 15! To highlight that day, I'm doing a few things. 1st, I'll be adding a large download (maybe a torrent) of all the videos that were taken off YouTube, all the songs I've done, and more hidden surprises you never knew about.

2nd, I'm deleting most of my DH82 social networking profiles. Why? Because my friends refuse to use or be a part of social networking. Since the beginning, I've always been on the forefront of what's called "Counter Culture". Which is kind of a funny group, because we continually make the trends we hate later when everyone else starts doing it. We're the same group that brought you memes. So really, it should be called something that has to do with being ahead of the times. It's kind of crazy seeing the internet follow trends that we were already tired of 10 years ago, but that's what it is.

My thinking is this.. why waste time with people who don't get it?

To give an example of just how pointless having a social networking presence for my site is, I'll give you some statistics. Back in 2010, I released a song called "End of The World". It was downloaded 320,000 times in the 1st month. How many likes on FB did it get? Not even a percent of that. I showed a few friends the stats on FB's piece of shit Pages App, and it's amazing how much random people will only take.

Don't get me wrong, I love my followers. The donations are cool too, but I need to get back to my roots with direct communication (as you've always seen on my site) with people, and FB can't do that if they don't want to be a part of FB.

So be on the lookout here, this coming Tuesday! March 25th!

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Social Media share buttons and stats removed due to the irrelavance of those networks in such an age of manipulation and the fact that theyre no longer networks of users, but anti-human propaganda pushers. Real shit gets buried, fake shit gets promoted. Trash.