Here's to 15 More!

Mar 26, 2014

Torrent is done. Was packed full of crazy.

With clips like: Me on 98 rock, dumping an ex on the phone, a freestyle with aLf, tazing my testicles at a party, unheard intro and outro songs off my Promo CD (98).

Some unreleased songs no one's ever heard, such as: "No Good God Damn Whore", "Famous", "Wrist Cutters", and "Coffee's Great".

Requests were also added, some of which were: "Crack Slut [wicked remix]", "Boredom", "Bloody Bitch", and "End Song".

Sorry if you missed the download. If you were in any of the videos or clips and want them still, you're just going to have to wait until I find a good way to organize them for my website. Which will probably be awhile (if ever) since I'm focused more on making new shit.

A total of 218 files (10 image / 74 video / 134 audio).

15 years! Fuck!

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