Laughing In The Rain

Dec 16, 2014

Let me break it down for you.. all my life (before you were ever even apart of it), I've been the first one to run out in whatever storm life has thrown at me, to say "nanny nanny boo boo".

It's confusing to you, I know. With all confusion comes fear, and with fear comes anger. But man, it's real simple.

It's all about attitude. It's karma, god, energy, whatever you want to call it (it's all the same), I'm bursting with it. That's why I can walk out of those storms, no matter how damaged, and keep shining.

I'm not perfect and I never want to be, but whether you're apart of my world or not.. shit is amazing on my end.

So dance with me in the rain, or sit confused behind the glass, watching me twirl around like a maniac, and love every fucking minute of it.

[responding to replies]:

Miss you too Karly. Thanks Ron. Hope it reaches someone else going through hard times.

I wanted to clear something up though.. this post was done out of me making peace with all the chaos of this past year. Also all the chaos everyone else has added to it that I've kicked out of my life.

And to the burnout who thinks he's clever.. I've never been high on anything but life. I never clock out of reality. We learn from pain, and I'm always present for every punch.

I wrote this status because I know, all anyone can really do is laugh. And if you aren't laughing.. that's how you know the joke's on you.

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