A Rock In The Ocean

Jan 13, 2015

I'm a rock in the ocean. You, a foolish wave. A collective of your surroundings, pushed forward by the weakest of winds.

I've seen you coming. You're desperate for momentum. As you approach, a shadow casts over you. Suddenly you see what you hadn't before but, it's too late. As you come crashing against me, with all the force you've gathered along the way.. you completely obliterate yourself.

I'm still here, though. Minding my own business. Calm still, as I wonder.. which wave were you? Are you aware of the nothingness you've come from and returned to as you gather yourself, and try again?

It's an analogy. Much like the simple nature of a rock cliff and a stormy ocean, we are different energies. I will continue to over power you, no matter how badly you want me to sink to your level.

I'll come crumbling down one day, sure. ..But not for you.

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