Thank You Little Fish

Sep 10, 2016

Names redacted as / replaced with Lawyer, Judge, and Detective.

Yesterday was my 3rd and final attempt at getting a restraining order. It went exactly as expected and was exactly what we needed to continue.

Today I met back up with Detective (the detective who's been handling my case for conspiracy to murder, attempted murder, and extortion) and BOY do I have some great news!

Detective said I was even nodding my head at everything I said was going to happen, as it happened. Which could have been bad but, they're always too arrogant to notice anything real.

It took everything I had not to laugh when her lawyer started going back and forth with her like an old TV soap drama, like it was his big moment. Total dork. Just another young inexperienced target they can bank on and throw under a bus.

Detective said I was staring at him like a fresh pile of shit. Since posting this image yesterday, her lawyer's office has viewed it over 50 times. Fucking idiots.

I do feel sorry for you, Lawyer. I'm not who they say I am, and I understand it's not really your fault. Winding people up in 1 direction and straight into the fires they start is what they do. You are a little bitch though, so it's hard for me to fully care.

So, a dirty judge, dirty beta cops, and a whole day of evidence showing how strangely I've been treated compared to everyone else. Is it bribes? Is that how you commit tax and insurance fraud so effortlessly? Identity theft and forging documents? Opening a credit card and racking up almost $10K in my name to try to stop me from selling my house after you not paying a penny (or me even asking you to) since 2014? By the way, how'd that work out for you? Trying to "back me into a corner". How many times is that tactic going to blow up in your faces?

Anyway.. Judge (their judge buddy), you did a piss poor job at upholding that "honorable" title. Maybe you should retire and be somebody's pussy in private, without wasting my fucking tax dollars. Useless corrupt fucking coward.

This dirty judge even tried to cut his microphone (in front of everyone) so it couldn't be released on transcript, blissfully unaware of the detective in the room with us. So now I have the official transcript with audio from the court, and our own (free of obstruction by the judge), signed by witness.

All of you acted exactly the way you always do whenever you think you can get away with something.. like drooly demons. Your true selves.

I came there with no lawyer, and you pounced on it. I know you were confused as to why I thanked you, Lawyer. Hindsight can be great, but for you I can imagine it feels like a punch in the gut now after trying to be such a smart ass. God what a dork.

Something else I thought was interesting.. Detective said when I went to pull out my paper work, every toughguy cop in the room reached for their guns. Yeah, that's in writing now! Pretty strange for a room of people who supposedly have no idea who I am, all acting in coordination with each other, don't you think? Man, I can't wait to find out.

Welcome to the big pond, little fish. Again, THANK you! So much.

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