Eminem Has Amnesia

Oct 31, 2016

Eminem endorsing Hillary by making a song called "campaign speech" is a joke. I say it's the worst move of his career. Here's why..

Let's pretend the math is true that people are actually going to vote for Hillary Clinton. Let's round that way up to about 50%. Ok, he just cut his fan base in half. Stupid.

Now if you take in actual polls not weighted by paid mainstream media nobodies, really he cut it about 75%. I only say that with those numbers because other celebrities have done the same, and by endorsing Hillary, they lost about 75% of their net worth, almost overnight.

For someone like him (who knows all too well how the media manipulates and demonizes people) to endorse the exact bullshit that he went through in his own career, just doesn't make any sense. Unless there was money involved, which does make sense, since that's the only way anyone ever wants to pretend to like Hillary. Fucking money.

Want to redeem yourself, Eminem? Talk about shit that actually matters. Talk about what's really going on in the world. Stop pretending that Hillary isn't 10 times the psychotic bitch that Kim was.

Didn't you used to have balls, and common sense?

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