Real Life Crazy People

Dec 23, 2016

There's a huge difference between a "crazy" person (confident / spontaneous / funny), a psychopath, and a sociopath.

All my life I've had a dark tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. The kind that pushes you to the edge, where you're forced to either laugh at it's absurdity, or show everyone what a little bitch you are.

What my book is about though, is coming into contact with real crazy people and the effects it's had on myself and others.

1 huge sign of a real life psycho / socio.. is their permanent fake smile. The hallowed soulless eyes of an emotionless stare, in photos. This is due to their attempt at imitating happiness, or to be more specific, trying to "act normal", to hide their severed connection from the rest of us.

2nd sign.. the inability to see themselves, or even try to. No reflection, just pushing onward making the same mistakes over and over, their entire life, and blaming others. Likely to have addictions to sex / cheating and or drugs / substances.

3rd, using human beings as objects, or a bag that things come out of. Using people for money, lifestyle, services they can provide, or false emotional reenforcement of the fakeness they project. Likely to abuse or kill animals, out of spite, revenge, or just to feel empowered.

4th is manipulation of reality to fit their beliefs. This can include people, facts, even their own memories of events that they themselves took part in. This leads to more of the 2nd.

5th, and most dangerous.. using the law like a box of tools. To them, rules and morals are seen as a weakness to exploit. Like a child who'd tease a dog on a chain, just to see it get yanked back out of reach, then act the victim when it gets loose.

Pay attention to peoples actions. Words can be lies, and for them that's nothing, but actions can only be observed for what they are. You have to trust your gut, look into their eyes, and make sure that what you're seeing and hearing adds up.

Psychopaths aren't running around in raggedy clothes, swinging axes into doors and screaming bloody murder. They're dressed like "good neighbors", offering baked cookies with poison inside, while explaining the main ingredient is love.

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