I Will Never Forget (2/3)

Mar 26, 2019

[thanking everyone for their support and then replying to "she sounds manipulative"]

She was super manipulative. Every time I got close to one of her family members (who are all nothing like her and her parents), she'd start making up stories about them. Told me one time she suddenly remembered her cousin's husband raped her at her sister's house before we met. Or that her cousin forced her to blow him repeatedly when they were kids, so I should cut ties with him. Really viscous shit, about everyone, with anything to make me think bad about them. And I did, because I didn't know any better.

Randomly, she would start fights with me for no reason, no matter how long it took just to record me going off. Every second of me asking why she was acting crazy, throwing shit around, or telling me to hit her back would be cut out. I know this because I found a mini pocket recorder one day, full of them. 1 wasn't edited yet where you can can clearly hear me yelling "WTF is wrong with you?! Are you TRYING to piss me off?!" and it was 45 minutes long, of her doing exactly that.

Our first break up, she would never tell me what she said to get them to do this but.. she had her parents and 6 of their crackhead employees show up to my house with trucks, and started grabbing everything out the house. They had 2 cops with them that sat me down in the bedroom while they literally took everything they could. The cops went outside, so I came out standing there a few seconds like "Are you taking my dog too?!" and her Dad came over talking shit, nose to nose, spit in my face and headbutted me. In my own house.

Out of pure defensive reaction, I grabbed him by the throat, both hands, and squeezed. Almost everyone in that house was punching me in the head and kicking me in the sides trying to get me off him. If it weren't for those 2 cops hearing what was going on and coming back inside, he'd be dead. I'd be in jail right now, not even knowing why or what I did to deserve to be robbed and jumped in my own home. This was in 2012. People talked about it a lot. Mainly because it showed just how batshit lowlife scum they are.

The cop even asked me right in front of them if I wanted to press charges. No joke, everyone there was a witness to all of this.. her, her Mother, and bitchass Dad put their hands together and begged me not to. Literally said to my bleeding face "Dan, no I'm so sorry, I'm begging you, PLEASE don't do this!" all 3, on and on until the cops walked me away from them and asked again. I, being so out of it at that point, seeing everyone crying, not knowing what the hell was going on, stupidly, said no.

You know how they thanked me for that? The second they walked out the door, he scratched his neck up with a safety pin and punched himself in the face before checking into a hospital to file a false police report. After attacking ME, in MY house.

Everyone says he only did that because I embarrassed him in front of his wife, daughter, and his only friend / employee, but that's not why. Shame plays no part in their lives, at all. They did it because they're pieces of shit, and that's what pieces of shit do!

Sorry, I had to get that out. I can't keep trying to ignore everything and "be the bigger person" which now just seems like a dirty trick that people play to keep you quiet. I'm sick of it.

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