Soft Reset Example

Aug 13, 2019

Imagine every Fake News network is talking about how they have to tax you in order to save the planet and everyone is in a panic saying "yes yes yes!" and, just by accident (which would never happen due to their filtering of information) you see this..

So, you say to yourself "that's weird" and a package shows up at your door. It's a flashdrive, containing 1.97 million screenshots and scans, in 21 different languages, from all over the planet, spanning ONLY from 1989 to 1999, and they ALL are saying the exact same thing. Known, proven lies because the proof is that we're all still here.

Not only that, but you try a search engine other than Google and, to your surprise, every single one can be found at least SOMEWHERE being referenced to or repeated word for word, with the exact numbers, dates, and "warnings" with the end goal of raising your taxes. On top of that, you notice the entire planet rinses and repeats this information with only updated time frames, over, and over, and over, up to this very day.

But it doesnt stop there. You go to search the scientists who've published these studies and discover that half of them never even existed and then the other half were PAID. Not to conduct the studies, but to write a report on studies they didn't even do to begin with.

Here's what I've realized.. normal every day people are literally asleep at the wheel. To them, this is shocking! To people like me (and there are many).. this is as soft and gentle of an example I can think of.

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