3 Busy Things

Mar 15, 2020

Sorry for not getting back to you all individually, I've been busy. 3 things...

1.. All the crooks who try to convince you that hurricanes (during hurricane season) are the result of Climate Change, are the same crooks trying to convince you that the Common Flu (during flu season - now) is a Global Pandemic. These pathetic Globalist Cons want you far away from reality. Welcome back.

2.. Every single thing these Cons have tried to do via Hostile Forces, since 2016 (world wide), has failed. One attack after another, without rest, and now nothing? No, think. THIS is the next attack. In every government, globally, there's been Real People taking positions of power. It's a problem for them, and this is their attempt at reversing our thoughts / dependencies back to them. The Globalist Cons.

3.. Think about all that's been exposed. The unimaginable horrifying conspiracies that were proven true. They pray to Hell you forget, literally. Hollywood, The Media, Parasitic Politicians / Lawyers / Judges, are all enemies of everything that's Good and True, and they're all ONE entity. Never forget that.

Also, I see a lot of you wondering why people are buying water bottles and toilet paper. It's because those people are hopelessly lost. That's the result of gauging the state of "The Flock" in preparation for roundup / movement / quarantine / lock down. Monkey see, monkey do, monkey trapped.

In other words, they're sticking their hands in the cage to see how easy it'd be to strangle the animal. You.

Everything that's happening right now is about CONTROL. Castles In The Sand. 7 years ago.

If you know anyone writing this all off as "conspiracy theories" ..keep an eye on them. They're unprepared. Maybe they're too scared to accept it, but don't cut them off. They may be stupid, now, but people grow.

Stay sharp. I'm not the only 1 with this information. Connect with others who show abnormal calmness. Ask questions.

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