What's It Going To Take?

Mar 16, 2020

Few questions / conversations after my last post..

This is not "The Plan" by Q. Yes, CEOs from giant companies are stepping down at this exact time of the virus, but intentionally making people lose their minds is not the way that plan is being executed. These CEOs were dirty, and they were being forced out, regardless. If you follow Q (a military intelligence group) great, and yes it's real, but this isn't that.

Someone said this is all the result of the new 5G network. Yes and no. Yes, every time a new wireless or satellite network is launched, people's immune systems are affected and people do get sick, but this isn't that. It's happened with 3G, and 4G too. It's true China launched 5G in Nov 2019, and I'm sure that helped make them sick also, but this is not that.

Listen, this is all unwanted hysteria. No one who has a soul, wants this. It's why Trump is irritated and NO this isn't all about Trump. Grow up!

This is, like I said, about control. A test by the Evil behind the scenes in a desperate act to calm the flames of us all, collectively, understanding just how disgusting they are, and how pissed we're all getting at slowly uncovering the reality of the world we live in.

Tom Hanks is not a goodguy. Hillary is on video cutting up and eating a little girls face, while she's alive, naked, and screaming. They're all friends. This is why members of the NYPD puked while viewing the contents of AW's laptop. If you think Epstein was about sex, you're only HALF way there.

Everyone who is orchestrating this hysterical pandemic are the SAME ONES committing the most Evil disgusting shit on the planet and THEY know WE know, and this is about showing us all, they will not willingly go without a fight.

There are things happening all over the world on a biblical scale, never before seen. The best thing you can do, is create good energy, help others, and keep fighting.

If you still think this is all just too crazy to be true.. you might want to look around you.

What's it going to take?

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