In Laymen's Terms

Mar 17, 2020

- Older Woman to her younger Daughter: A conspiracy? Are you for real?

Me: Look around lady. Name 1 thing normal about any of this.

- Sister: Nothing's normal. We have a curfew now where I live. Can't find bread, things are running out, and why are there army tanks on the roads in [city] like it's a regular vehicle. They're planning something and distracting us from it with this bullshit.

Me: Mass corruption cleanup. I know it sounds crazy, but it's been happening for years under everyone's noses, and nobody's noticed so far. Now those [Corrupt / Hostile Forces] are creating this panic to stall it all. Military knows. They're here to protect and keep their oaths to this country. Many other countries doing the same.

- Sister: So that's why they're on the streets?

Me: They know there are people waiting to take advantage of the situation, yeah. That's why [Corrupt Media / Officials] want this panic. Have us all chasing chaotic idiots around instead of continuing arresting [Corrupt Officials / Media / Hostile Forces]. 3 1 7

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