What'd You Think?!

Daniel 3:18, 2020

I'll say it again.. this "pandemic" is not a part of the plan. The good news is, it DOESN'T MATTER. This isn't the first time they've come back with a counter strike for us to deal with! What's it at now, 11K arrests and resignations?

By the way, the panic that's being conveyed to the public, isn't the public's, it's THEIRS. They know that even with all these desperate scare tactics, we're still coming for them.

Think about this.. they control everything we see. Everything we buy. At the top, there's control, right? Ok.. so when information about their true intentions are running wild.. when our dependencies on them are at it's lowest.. what did you THINK they would do?!

Give up? Turn it all around and say "yeah sorry about all the brainwashing, cancer injections, fake food, corruption, stealing your money, taxing you to death, scamming you about the weather, creating endless wars, forcing racial social and economical chaos, allowing terrorists even hollywood to rape and murder your family, but.. are we cool?" .. NO.

1 more thing.. now would be the perfect time to cut ties with anyone who hates this country, our president, or our military.

Clear for target.

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