Be Prepared

Nov 3, 2020

Vote by machine. Military monitoring in real-time to combat coordinated rigging.

I said it in 2016 and I'll say it again.. expose corruption with Trump, or continue it.

When we (Trump / America) win 90 to 10, they're going to pretend it was 51 to 49 like they always do. They have to.

Admitting defeat, ever, is loss of power. Validation also pulls us away from the lies they desperatly need us to believe.

Remember the 3 C's of communist attack.. "Calm, Confuse, Continue." They know they can only ever advance in deception.

It's why they rigged it (twice) for Gayboy Obama. There was too much invested in that Trojan Horse to take any chances.

You're not ready for that one yet.

For now, stay prepared. Attacks will range from eggs to arson. They're worthless losers, and they'll do anything to fight that reality.


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