Stay Ahead of The Game

May 22, 2021

1, fake pandemic / vaccine killbox.
2, planned / forced food shortages.
3, monetary reset / total control.

We've been talking about this since 2008. Others, since the 1960s.

Did you think I was being dramatic when I said most of you aren't going to make it?

The phrase "survival of the fittest" has never been about physical strength or skills. It's about your mind.

A part of me is starting to understand how killing off what they consider low intelligence / robotic / non-contributing "feeders" (their words) of the human race, is necessary.

Think of those who continue to laugh it off, while continuing to suffer the consequences.. it completely proves their case.

Also, crypto currency will not save you. Just more disarming / controlled demolition.

Understand: If you can be herded, they will herd you.

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