My Dog is Hilarious

Jul 23, 2021

Funny story.. been laughing about this on and off the whole day, so I thought I'd share..

Yesterday my dog was going nuts.

All day, she was running from one end of the house to the other at full speed, jumping five to six feet in the air literally bouncing off the walls, chasing her tail spinning in circles at 500 mph, and barking at the ceiling fan.

The whole time we were like "what the hell is wrong with her today" and then she finally calmed down, jumped on the chair and fell asleep on me. Out like a rock.

So, this morning I go to make coffee, and it's gone. I found it on the floor behind the recycling bin. Sonny took the bag of coffee off the counter and ate it without us noticing somehow and was CRANKed out of her MIND.

This dog is hilarious.

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