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Jul 5, 2022

It's no secret I can't stand liars cheats and thieves. Well, I hired an old friend I hadn't seen in almost 10 years and realized while he was away, he turned in to something worse.. a PFC.

I've made this available because the situation has already been twisted into something else, so here we are again. I've redacted his name as MyDude.

I sent him the following text this morning before work:

MyDude, don't come to work. You're fired. I was writing a letter with all the reasons why, but it was just too much. If you ever want to work with us again, get yourself under control and we'll talk.

Then I sent the unfinished letter with this and this to both his Email addresses:

In OSHA terms, you are not "fit for duty" in 2 serious high risk categories. Mental Health and Substance Abuse.

Make no mistake though, you've shown every single symptom on that list.

Beyond that (which is bad enough), there's:
- No license or vehicle of your own
- Inability to follow instructions
- Constant attempts of manipulation
- Not having proper safety attire
- Coming to work high every morning
- Random refusal of simple tasks
- Intentionally poor workmanship

When I hired you, I told you it was the perfect time to start because all we were doing was consultant work. I said it literally doesn't get any easier, especially in the engineering / construction / security industry.

After an entire year, you've refused to even begin to learn a single thing. At $30 an hour even.

I tried to cover for you, even after you punched the gas cap on my new car and then later broke the light switch in my bathroom, probably because on those days I simply told you what you were doing wrong. Yes, I knew it was you. I felt sorry for you, but you don’t care.

There's been so many reasons to fire you on behavior alone that it's ridiculous. You've got some serious, dark issues MyDude. It’s not a joke.

For the record, here are some quotes of yours that stood out recently:
- "..when I worked at [previous job] they would never fire me, no matter what, because I had dirt on everyone there.."
- "..I wanted to fuck his wife while he was downstairs .. I could have, but I didn't, because I'm not an asshole.."

I realize this letter is not normal. Nothing about any of this is normal, and if there's some sort of retaliation for simply telling MyDude what MyDude has done, I will have to get police involved. None of us have or need to have time for the irritation you try to cause on a daily basis.

None of us are going to play these games with you.

I hope you get the help you need, because a high paying job with people who've done everything they can for you is obviously not enough.

Hopefully this wakes him up. I feel like no one is being honest with him for fear of his irrational and petty revenge, so they just make up excuses on why they can't be around him, want him to move out, end the relationship, etc.

You can't do that to people. It just makes them worse by further warping their minds away from realizing they're on a path of never ending self destruction.

Anyway, this had to be done. Stop enabling him by playing along. You'll gain nothing.

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