Termination L Update

Aug 7, 2022

I didn't diagnose anything. HP / Army Corp Security at Fort Meade / NSA did.

Here's the full link they sent us in their report advising us on your red-flagged behavior that basically made sense of everything we've experienced with you, perfectly. You making it personal with me though was ultimately the final straw.

You can keep tying to manipulate anyone who's clueless enough to listen all day long.. the only ones who will "take your side" are clowns. There's nothing respectable or admirable about trying to take advantage of people and then trying to bring them down with you.

Also, in 10 years of company operation, we've only ever had to fire 2 people. You, and a heroin addict who lasted 2 weeks. That's how tired of your games we were.

Even after firing you, all you've done is continue to try and gaslight people into believing you over their own experiences with you. To the point that none of us feel sorry for you at all now.

Your narcissism tells you you're slick enough to pull it off, but you're not. No one is, it's delusional thinking. Bottom line is, I told you to knock it off, repeatedly, and instead you tried even harder to convince people they were just imagining the shit you were doing to them.

For that MyDude, you deserve every bit the hell your life has been.

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