Men & Women are Yin & Yang

Feb 9, 2014

Liz: [picture with caption of "women are complicated" on it]

Heather: Women hell its men that are complicated lol

Dan Houser: I don't know. Every man I know says exactly what he means. Because of this, it's confusing to women, because women never say what they mean. Or mean what they say. So, to them, it gets complicated. When someone is trying to interpret something that needs no interpretation.. you get nonsense.

Heather: Ditto men are so confusing u all think we dont understand but we do men are the ones who almost never use common sense. . yall dont pay attention enough to the fine detail thw way we do lol. Men say they want something then change ur minds im starting to think men are schizophrenic. But us women know exactly what we want.

Dan Houser: Men think with logic. Women, with emotion. If you put too much emotion into your sentences.. yes, men tune that out. We're waiting for a problem we can provide a solution to. Yes, we change our minds if there is unnecessary emotion involved. Our logic tells us it's no longer worth dealing with, usually.

Our logical thinking is why women think we're assholes. Also, the emotional aspect of women is why we think they're batshit. It's an equal circle of faults.

Antonio: Agree.

Heather: I dont agree lol u all are schizophrenic !!!! U men are too back n forth not to be lol.

Fawn: we both get confused from what guys say what us girl say some where in middle it get all mixed up.

Liz: Men and women are exactly the same as human beings alike we all have our faults we all fuck up we've all hurt people even though we didn't mean to the beauty of it is we learn from our mistakes some take longer than others but neither gender can say one is worse than the other because we all make mistakes were only human and that's ok.

Dan Houser: This is a pretty good example of what I was saying. It's a scientific fact that women have an imbalance of emotion over logic. Men have an imbalance of logic over emotion. It's, like I said, a circle of equal faults.

If you're confused about what a man has said, it's because you're not listening, and instead, are trying to interpret it into what you think he meant to say.

This is a problem men have also. We're used to dealing with other men who say what they mean, so when a women says something, we think she means it, leading to confusion.

Women are used to dealing with other women who do NOT say what they mean, so when a man says something, they think they have to find out what it means, leading also to confusion.

Circle of equal faults. Yin and Yang. We need each other for balance. Deal with it.

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