Ukrainian Bullshit

Mar 1, 2022

The most disgusting evil mother fuckers on the planet (the same ones whove been murdering you with a killbox operation combo of fake pandemics and fake vaccines) are now telling you to jump up in defense of ukraine?

NO, what theyre telling you is to throw your stupid worthless fucking corpse on top of the uncovered holes of their dirty dealings there!

Theyre still the same parasites who care for NO ONE and will CONTINUE to LIE and USE YOU for gain.

STOP falling for this shit!

Why do you think they cut off all communication between us and them? So THEY can control what the story is! So they wont have to face us, knowing we caught them in lies bigger than anything the world has ever seen!

Hoax after hoax and literally MASS MURDER of millions!

When the bad guys whove done nothing but try to harm you, start telling you to help someone else, instead of NOT HARMING you anymore.. your brain should sound off with infinite alarms!!!

Good god, think!

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